Currently I have ventrilo at /home/user/ventrilo - it works fine if i manually run the command (./ventrilo_srv -d), but I really need it to autostart in the event the server is reset. Can anyone help me? I will gladly make a donation to you via paypal or to a charity of …

The Ventrilo users (clients) have to connect to the application´s server, so to be able to use the program it´s indispensable to know the servers IP address as well as our computer´s. With Ventrilo it´s possible to establish various communication channels at the same time and limit its use temporarily or depending on the clients connected. How To Use Windows 10 as a Home Server - HomeTech How-To Jun 15, 2018 How to make your own ventrilo server. [Free] - Z8Games Jul 11, 2009 How to Connect to a Ventrilo Server |

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A Ventrilo server could be setup in order to complement a web site that has voice interaction with its creators or for communicating with other people who share a common interest. For those people that use Windows or Linux based firewall's to connect their internal home LAN's with the Internet can setup a server on the firewall computer so that How to connect to your Ventrilo server Add your Ventrilo server to the list. Click on the second -> arrow, right below the arrow you clicked on to setup your username. Add your Ventrilo server details in. The "Connection Editor" will open in a new window. Click the new button. A window will pop up where you can enter the name you want to use to identify the server you're trying to


Entering a Server's Connection Information. Click the right-facing arrow button next to Server at the top of the Ventrilo Client.. Click the New button, enter the username you will use to connect to Ventrilo, and click OK. This name is for your reference only, and does not affect whether or not you can connect.