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BBC Two - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. Stand-up series from one of Britain's most highly regarded comedians. On iPlayer. Not available. Supporting Content. BBC Two - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - Available now Available episodes of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. London — Series 3. 5 / 6 Stew takes a look at the capital city, its mayor, its dogs and its oligarchs.

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Full stand up set available to stream on BBC iPlayer: I claim no rights to this v

Written For Money : Stewart Lee - 41st Best Standup Ever! Stewart Lee 41st Best Standup Ever! "Genuinely can't stand him, he comes across as the sort that thinks that live comedy should just be kept to smoky art student union clubs and that any comedian that plays in arenas is destroying the so called "artistic integrity" of stand up when we all know stand-up comedy is not an art form it's a form of live entertainment. All of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicles land on iPlayer Jul 17, 2018