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In preparing financial statements, management is making implicit or explicit claims (i.e. assertions) regarding the recognition, measurement and presentation of assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and disclosures in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework (e.g. IFRS). For example, if a balance sheet of an entity shows buildings with carrying amount of $10 million Understanding static_assert in C++ 11 - GeeksforGeeks The C++ 11 standard introduced a feature named static_assert() which can be used to test a software assertion at the compile time. Syntax : static_assert( constant_expression, string_literal ); Parameters : constant_expression : An integral constant expression that can be converted to a Boolean. 7.12a — Assert and static_assert | Learn C++ May 16, 2020 Assert() and other useful C language macros - Jun 17, 2013

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assertion translation French | English-French dictionary No substantiating evidence to support this assertion was provided.: Aucun élément de preuve n'a été présenté à l'appui de cette affirmation.: It is a false and inaccurate assertion.: Or, c'est une affirmation fausse et inexacte.: However, that assertion and allegation have not been proven.: Cependant, cette assertion et cette allégation n'ont pas été prouvées.

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Assertions are a defensive programming technique that are built into some languages with the assert keyword. For example: assert(someNumber < 10) You'll see them most Assertions in Java - Jan 08, 2019 Management assertions in auditing — AccountingTools May 28, 2019