For example, you have the same network on two different router interfaces on the router, but routers route between networks, not from a network back to the same network. The router will have no way to determine which interface to send the traffic destined for that network.

Router Bridge, Connect Two Routers – Router Behind Router May 21, 2014 Two Routers on One Switch - Cisco Community You also have 2 links (ports 23 and 24) port 23 connectes to router-1 and port 24 connects to router-2. You also add port 23 to vlan 100 and port 24 to vlan 200. Now on each interface on the router connected to each port configure one subnet. On router-1 and router-2 192,168,2.1/24.

Feb 25, 2020 · Connect your PC to the AiMesh router with a network cable. a). Use an Ethernet cable to connect one of the LAN port of your AiMesh router and your PC. b). If via Wi-Fi, search the network name (SSID) of your AiMesh router from your PC and connect it. Always make sure your PC is connecting to the network name of your AiMesh router. Launch the

Jun 28, 2019 What happens if there are two Wifi networks with the same If the networks are using the same pass phrase and encryption mode as well as the same SSID, then you might randomly connect to either of them. What is worse, some devices will jump between the networks and not necessarily from the weaker one to t

Re: Two routers on one network netgear setup your easiest option is to make the Netgear router an Access pointthat way it is not acting as a DNS server and all the devices on your network are given their IP address by the Dlink router which will allow them to automatically see each other.

How to combine 2 wireless routers on one home network In order to have two wireless routers working on the same network, i assume that all wireless settings (SSID, channel, even WEP key) needs to be the same. Is this assumption correct? 3. 2 routers (Netgear), same network | Windows Forum Sep 22, 2011