How To Open Google Chrome Right Into Incognito

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Actually you can restore this info.. Not hard, Browsers seem to just remove the sites you have visited from the browsers history but not somewhere else where the data has been stored temporarily for a week or so..

May 09, 2020 Google is being sued for tracking users even when they're Jun 03, 2020

To be more specific, Incognito Mode is Google Chrome’s private mode where your browsing history, cookies, and browsing data is not saved by Google Chrome. It allows you to browse the web privately keeping your security intact and hides you from data-hungry publishers who steal browsing cookies and history to show you relevant notifications.

Google Chrome Privacy Lawsuit: Could You Get A $5,000 Payout? Jun 03, 2020 How to Always open Google Chrome in Incognito Mode by Google Chrome Incognito browsing mode let you browse the Internet without leaving browsing and downloads history when you close the browser. It automatically deletes your browsing info and downloads history when you close the incognito windows. Google Chrome incognito mode comes handy whenever you are on shared computer where you don’t want to leave your browsing data being …