Hide iPhone Apps by making changes in Settings. Hide Apps from iPhone Search. Use App Folders. Hide iPhone Apps by making changes in Settings. In iPhone, there are 2 types of App one is a stock app which is given by the iPhone itself and second is download app which is downloaded by users. Both apps will have different hiding ways.

Hide downloaded apps IPhone 4S? How to hide iPhone/iPod Touch Apps? I would like to hide some of my apps so when my friends want to look at my iPhone, they can't see the apps I don't want then to see. Is there a secret way to hide apps and without jail breaking? Is there a way to glitch an app so it is … How to hide purchased apps from Family Sharing in iOS Being able to buy an app once and share it with your family is tremendous. However, by default all your family members see all of your apps, and can download any of them. AppleInsider shows you How to Hide & Unhide Downloaded Apps from App Store on Jun 21, 2018 Best App Hider For iPhone & Android | Appamatix - All

Jun 21, 2018

How to Hide Apps on iPhone Without Deleting Them

Click on “Apps” located at the top of your current window. The detailed list of all your purchased as well as downloaded apps will be displayed. Hover the mouse pointer over the specific app that you would like to hide. If you are keen, you will notice that an “X” mark appears just at the top left corner of the particular apps icon. Step 4.

Mar 28, 2013 How to hide apps on your iPhone's home screen and search