The concept behind MPLS VPN with ospf protocol for CE-PE is to have the non-backbone areas, Area 1 and Area 2, are directly connected to the MPLS VPN superbackbone that functions as an OSPF Area 0. Therefore, an actual Area 0 is not required as in the traditional OSPF.

OSPF Sham-link support for MPLS VPN - Knowledge Base OSPF Sham-link support for MPLS VPN Both sites are in the same OSPF area- Area 0. There is also a "backdoor" (intra-area) link connecting the two sites. There will be routes between sites that go through PE routers, but these routes will appear to be inter-area routes. OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol in MPLS VPN - Knowledge Base PEs and OSPF Area 0: The PE/CE link can belong to any area including area 0 for an OSPF domain. If the PE attaches to the CE using a non-zero area, then the PE router acts as an ABR for that area. The MPLS VPN backbone acts as a Super Backbone. MPLS Layer 3 VPN PE-CE RIP PE2(config)#router ospf 1 PE2(config-router)#network area 0 PE2(config-router)#network area 0 PE2(config-router)#mpls ldp autoconfig. This time I used the mpls ldp autoconfig command to automatically enable LDP for all OSPF …

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MPLS VPN OSPF - The MPLS VPN creates a virtual super area. Super area can have area 0 or non-backbone areas connected to it. If a site has multiple areas, the PE router has to be in Area 0. If they are not a virtual link between PE and area 0 is required. Loop Prevention. Down bit (DN) - the PE routers set the DN on LSA 3 received from MP-BGP.

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