W32Time: Event: 142: The time service has stopped

Jun 17, 2020 ntp: logcheck sends "kernel time sync status change 0001" (and 4001) notifications every 30-40 minutes Package: ntp ; Maintainer for ntp is Debian NTP Team ; Source for ntp is src:ntp ( PTS , buildd , popcon ). Mar 30 19:22:43 cayman ntpd[704]: kernel time sync status change 6001. The version of ntpd shows up as. Mar 30 08:31:03 cayman ntpd[703]: ntpd 4.2.4p5-a Thu Jan 15 20 Hi, There was some logs in /var/log/messages: kernel time sync enabled 4001 kernel time sync enabled 0001 I didn't find anything related these messages. What does mean the message? The Red Hat Customer Portal delivers the knowledge, expertise, and guidance available through your Red Hat subscription. Aug 20, 2009 · [Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)] Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.69 Severity: wishlist Tags: patch Examples: System Events =-=-=-=-=-=-= Aug 19 08:54:45 host ntpd[4008]: kernel time sync status change 4001 Aug 19 09:11:48 host ntpd[4008]: kernel time sync status change 0001 Aug 19 10:37:07 host ntpd[4008]: kernel time sync status change 4001 Aug 19 10:54:12 host ntpd[4008]: kernel time

Hello Dear friends today i got an issue on my server seems to be that time was changed in the ntp, i took a look on the var/log/messages but i did not find any relevant information later i check the ntp log and i found this: 21 Oct 11:37:11 ntpd[5485]: kernel time sync status change 6001 21

I installed VNC on my main server and installed gnome so I can use virtualbox for my VMs, as I want to migrate away from vmware server (2.0's interface sucks and 1.0 wont install on that distro without dying my hair gray). I vnced in and got this huge warning about a kernel failure. Is there The kernel provides a core interface layer that is designed to make it easy to provide WAN services using this chip. The current driver only support synchronous operation. Merging the asynchronous driver support into this code to allow any Z85x30 device to be used as both a tty interface and as a synchronous controller is a project for Linux

Kernel-General 1 None The system time has changed

Jul 09, 2010 · Jun 5 18:30:40 k71 ntpd[8390]: kernel time sync status change 0001 Jun 5 18:30:49 k71 ntpd[8390]: synchronized to, stratum 2 regards, hk . makcumka A clock synchronization status that shows the state of the clock machinery (e.g. TIME_OK). Several clock control and status bits that control and show the state of the machinery (e.g. STA_PLL). This includes automatic handling of leap seconds (when announced). Correction values for clock offset and frequency that are automatically applied. Oct 30, 2013 · 8 Jul 13:45:48 ntpd[4079]: kernel time sync status change 2001 8 Jul 15:28:13 ntpd[4079]: no servers reachable 8 Jul 15:45:17 ntpd[4079]: synchronized to XX.XX.XXX.XX, stratum 2 8 Jul 15:45:17 ntpd[4079]: kernel time sync status change 6001 8 Jul 16:53:34 ntpd[4079]: kernel time sync status change 2001 Now we have to find out the date and time Jun 19, 2009 · > 18 Jun 10:50:53 ntpd[4163]: kernel time sync status change 4001 > 18 Jun 10:51:59 ntpd[4163]: no servers reachable > 18 Jun 23:07:10 ntpd[4163]: ntpd exiting on signal 15 > > I can sync my Suse 11.1 with other NTP servers on my LAN and with > outside public servers with no problems. > > My question is where do I look for more information on Mar 3 21:21:58 quad12 ntpd[2436]: kernel time sync status change 0001 Mar 3 21:25:01 quad12 ntpd[2436]: synchronized to, stratum 4 Mar 3 21:37:03 quad12 ntpd[2436]: time reset -0.664351 s Only one server and the minpoll 4 maxpoll 4 options to the server line. Well, it may still need a few hours to settle. :) Again, those time