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How to Delete Snapchat Account Permanently in 2020? The second method of permanently deleting your Snapchat account is as follow: Launch your browser and go to Scroll down a little until you find the support option under the company section. Click on “Learning the basics” >> Account Settings >> Delete an Account. Now, follow the same steps as mentioned in the first method to How to Delete SnapChat Account? | How to Deactivate Jul 18, 2020 How to delete a Snapchat account without logging in - Quora Feb 11, 2020

How to delete your Snapchat account or change your username

Feb 11, 2020

Now, are we talking snaps you've sent or ones you've received? It could be that you've sent something you regret. They've not opened it. You can deactivate your account in the settings (not delete the app). Your message will disappear, any chat hi

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