So, you want to change your name on Google Plus? You can easily change your Google+ profile name on Android, including first name, last name and nick name by doing as follows: 1. Open Google+ app on your Android device 2. Tap on your profile picture on the top left 3. Tap the 3dot icon on the top right 4. Tap on the Edit Name option 5.

Aug 01, 2012 Change the email address for your account - Android Important: If you use Sign in with Google for non-Google sites or Chrome Remote Desktop to connect remotely, view this info before you change your email address. Step 2: Change it. Next to your email address, select Edit . Enter the new email address for your account. Choose one that isn't already used by another Google Account. settings - How to change wifi device name on Android 7

How can I change the device name of an unrooted Android 7.0-based Gigaset GS170 smartphone so it appears with a meaningful/readable name e.g. in a router's list of connected wifi devices? Various resources (e.g. this or this) suggest I should find a line saying Device Name in the About Phone section of the phone settings. However, I can see no

Apr 23, 2013 · how can I change my tablet's network name? i.e. in my home router I can see all connected devices (computers) as I named them in Network settings. My tablet is shown as ip_address + ANDROID_9B27FC15C17AA1E4 + MAC address. Is there any way to change this name to something like my_tablet? Thanks in advance! Apr 22, 2018 · How to Change Phone's Name - Change Smartphone Android Device Name In this video I go through the step by step process explaining how to change the name of your smartphone Android device's name Oct 20, 2019 · It’s actually possible to change the name of icons on Android’s home screen. However, you need to use a third-party app for that purpose. So, in this article, we are going to share an easy method that would help you to change the icon names on your Android’s home screen.

Jul 12, 2017 · Once the app is installed, open it and scroll down the list to find the app for which you want to change the name of the shortcut. Tap on the app name. Information about the app shortcut displays in the right pane. Tap the area that says “Tap to change label”.

Apr 03, 2020 · Step 4: You can see the above screen on your android phone or tablet. Rename or change phone name android phone or tablet. Step 5: Tap on Done. Now, this device name is shown to the all available device connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot and other network connection methods. Change my device name on Samsung Galaxy