eight translations: die Acht, die Acht, der Achter, acht-…. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary.

Eighty Years’ War, (1568–1648), the war of Netherlands independence from Spain, which led to the separation of the northern and southern Netherlands and to the formation of the United Provinces of the Netherlands (the Dutch Republic). The first phase of the war began with two unsuccessful invasions Here's how to learn German by yourself without getting lost or going broke. This guide has 8 practical steps in order, then lots of fun practice techniques for well-rounded German language learning. Step 1: Repeat German letter sounds. Step 2: Stockpile "Framework" vocabulary words. Step 3: Expand your vocabulary The presumed attacker - a 43-year-old German man identified as Tobias R. - was found dead close to a gun soon after the shootings late on Wednesday in Hanau, near Frankfurt, authorities said. Feb 20, 2020 · Eight people were killed in shootings in the German city of Hanau late Wednesday, officials said. A local broadcaster said the attacks took place at two hookah lounges. Authorities were searching for the perpetrators early Thursday, hours after the shootings that police said also wounded about five people. May 21, 2020 · Thirty eight (38) अड़तीस (३८) aṛatīs: Thirty nine (39) उनतालीस (३९) unatālīs: Forty (40) चालीस (४०) chālīs: Forty one (41) इकतालीस (४१) ikatālis: Forty two (42) बयालीस (४२) biyālis: Forty three (43) तैंतालीस (४३) taiṃtālīs: Forty

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Apr 19, 2017 · Learn or review the German numbers from 1-59. An hour is divided up like a pie into quarters (viertel) and halves (halb). For 'half past,' you say halb and the next hour. 'Halb acht' = 7:30, i.e., half (way to) eight.

8.000 - achttausend / 8000. / achttausendste (eight thousand / 8000th / eight thousandth) 9.000 - neuntausend / 9000. / neuntausendste (nine thousand / 9000th / nine thousandth) Tens of thousands in German

An interesting thing about German which makes it confusing is that the one’s place is said before the tens: einundzwanzig, which literally would be like “one and twenty”. The numbers in German are written as one word up to one million. Ordinal numbers (Ordnungszahlen) Rules for making ordinal numbers. The 8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37/41 is a German 88 mm anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery, developed in the 1930s.It was widely used by Germany throughout World War II, and was one of the most recognized German weapons of that conflict. Mar 30, 2020 · CBSE Worksheets for Class 8 German: One of the best teaching strategies employed in most classrooms today is Worksheets. CBSE Class 8 German Worksheet for students has been used by teachers & students to develop logical, lingual, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. eight translations: die Acht, die Acht, der Achter, acht-…. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary. Oct 14, 2015 · We chose the most difficult German words we could find and asked people learning German to pronounce them. Here's what happened, with pronunciation tips. quarter past eight: Viertel nach acht. half past eight: halb neun (Uhrzeit) eight computers: Acht Computer(1) ten past eight: zehn nach acht: twenty-eight: achtundzwanzig: forty-eight: achtundvierzig: eight thousand: achttausend: at eight o'clock: um 8 Uhr: eight o'clock: acht Uhr: eight rand: Acht Rand: eighty-eight: 88 English-German numbers 1-12 (English/German). EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.