Nov 10, 2014

Why does uTorrent limit maximum download speed to 1MBps With the right settings you can literally double your utorrent download speed. With my internet connection i boosted it to max of 9.1 mb/s. Im not saying that you will get the same download speed but it will surely at least get doubled. Video guid Max Down speed? - General - µTorrent Community Forums Nov 01, 2014

May 17, 2020

How to Speed Up uTorrent Downloads ( 2020 ) | Increase

Jan 13, 2020

[Geek}* How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed Jun 20, 2014 Set Download and Upload Speed Limits in uTorrent Client in For example, to speed up the download, we should limit the upload rate. When the download finishes, we may need to "seed" files. That means that we have to increase the speed of the upload at that time. To do this, we need to set the maximum upload rate first. It is set in kilobytes per second. How to Speed Up Torrent Downloads ? - All BitTorrent Clients