Jan 21, 2016 · OpenWRT configuration. We need to configure OpenWRT to update OpenDNS via DNS-O-Matic service upon change of public IP address, i.e. due to reboot of router, WAN link dropped and reconnected, etc. Note: These steps are for OpenWRT Chaos Calmer. Important: Depending on available space on your router, you may have to resort to using non-SSL options.

LEDE/OpenWRT — Debugging Your Wireless | by CT WiFi | LEDE Mar 30, 2016 How to Configure Your Router for Network Wide URL Logging Jul 11, 2017

Feb 05, 2014 · This article explains how to analyze dropped and rejected traffic from OpenWrt (or any other Iptables based) firewall logs using Splunk and the Netfilter Iptables App. What you will need is: a remote syslog server (I use syslog-ng)

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Instead I switched to using a TP-LINK router, flashed it with OpenWRT (which is much easier to manipulated than DD-WRT), copied the script to it and added it to crontab for execution on every minute. Here are the steps: Get a TP-LINK router (TP-LINK routers agree well with OpenWRT) and flash it with OpenWRT.

Analyzing OpenWrt firewall logs with Splunk – /home/tom Feb 05, 2014 Good logging library for Lua - Stack Overflow I'm using Lua from OpenWRT based Access Point device to develop some S/W on it. I want to find a good logging libraries for Lua. Do you have any recommendation? I checked about lsyslog. Setup OpenVPN Server on OpenWRT Router - Programming with Setup OpenVPN Server on OpenWRT Router; Setting up NGINX Reverse-Proxy, Cloudflare Let’s Encrypt SSL for NextCloud, DDNS on Freenas 11.3-U1Jail; Install MySQL 8, phpMyAdmin, Python3, Apache in FreeNas 11.3 Jail (FreeBSD) Installing NextCloud Plugin on Freenas 11.3-U1 and upgrading to the latest NextCloud Version