Jul 11, 2019

Building RPM packages as user This document explains how to build packages without root-access. This might be useful in case you have a build environment where different users need to build packages without interfering each other. How To Easily Build Linux Packages Using Fpm For Multiple Feb 21, 2017 The Spec File | Building and Modifying Source RPMs | InformIT Obsoletes—This lists packages that are obsoleted by this package. This is a more specific version of the Conflicts field. BuildRoot—This option instructs RPM to place files in a temporary directory during the install step. This is very useful when building packages for a distribution. building an RPM

RPM can now be used to build packages for the Intel i386, the Digital Alpha running Linux, and the Sparc (and others). There are several features that make building packages on all platforms easy. The first of these is the "optflags" directive in the /etc/rpmrc. It can be used to set flags used when building software to architecture specific

Chapter 8. Creating RPMs: An Overview - Fedora Project This chapter introduces the RPM system from the point of view of creating RPMs and demonstrates the steps and planning necessary to make your own packages. As such, this chapter introduces the RPM-building topics covered in depth in the remaining chapters in this part.

Build your own syslog-ng RPM from patched Git sources on

For Debian Packages there is a large set of helper scripts, a consistent policy manual and at least one way of doing almost everything. Dependencies are handled very well and can be defined in very good granularity. Re-building packages is very easy with debian packages and well supported by … build - What is a good RPM building tool? - Stack Overflow