ASA1(config)# logging buffered warnings. This will log all syslog messages with level “warnings” or lower to the internal buffer. We can also configure the size of the internal buffer: ASA1(config)# logging buffer-size 8192. By default it’s only 4KB, I changed it to 8KB with the logging buffer-size command. Let’s see if we can find some syslog information in our internal buffer.

syslog(2) - Linux man page The call returns the number of bytes read. Bytes read from the log disappear from the log buffer: the information can only be read once. This is the function executed by the kernel when a user program reads /proc/kmsg. SYSLOG_ACTION_READ_ALL (3) Read all messages remaining in the ring buffer, placing then in the buffer pointed to by bufp. MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 15.5.2 Change Buffer The innodb_change_buffer_max_size variable permits configuring the maximum size of the change buffer as a percentage of the total size of the buffer pool. By default, innodb_change_buffer_max_size is set to 25. The maximum setting is 50. Consider increasing innodb_change_buffer_max_size on a MySQL server with heavy insert, update, and delete activity, where change buffer merging does not keep libssh2_sftp_read() with maxlen of 8192 causes memory Oct 02, 2015 log(2) of 8192 and 8096? | Yahoo Answers

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Mar 26, 2020

May 20, 2019

Only function 3 is allowed to non-root processes. (Function 9 was added in 2.4.10.) The kernel log buffer The kernel has a cyclic buffer of length LOG_BUF_LEN (4096, since 1.3.54: 8192, since 2.1.113: 16384; in recent kernels the size can be set at compile time) in which messages given as argument to the kernel function printk() are stored (regardless of their loglevel). Configure logging drivers | Docker Documentation Configure the logging driver for a container. When you start a container, you can configure it to use a different logging driver than the Docker daemon’s default, using the --log-driver flag. If the logging driver has configurable options, you can set them using one or more instances of the --log-opt = flag. Even if the container uses the default logging driver, it can use logging.handlers — Logging handlers — Python 3.8.5 Jul 24, 2020 Hugepages are Not used by Database Buffer Cache